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Shasta Live Sound

Shasta Live Sound is a professional sound and lighting production company serving Northern California and Southern Oregon.  We provide top quality equipment and excellent service at very competitive rates.

Since 2009 Shasta Live Sound has gradually grown in stature and capability.  Our specialty is live music but we also provide PA and lighting systems for corporate events, weddings, and DJ’s, as well as live recording services.   We have  a variety of talented engineers on call and can handle multiple day “Festival” sound for crowds of 2,000 or more in front of the stage.


Mike Karseboom– Owner / Engineer / Logistics

Mike Karseboom audio engineerStarting as an Electrical Engineering major at CU in Boulder, I’ve had a strong interest in everything tech related.  From building kit computers to designing video  games with ancient and rudimentary technology, the lab was where you would usually  find me.  Having an audiophile for a roommate with a powerful tube based stereo sparked a life long interest in high definition audio.

That interest was confined mostly to home audio/visual applications while a career as a software developer and project manager took first priority.  I was able to retire from that after moving to Mt. Shasta.  About five years ago while working with entertainer and promoter Paula Reynolds, it became clear that the area could benefit from some additional live sound reinforcement options.  That was the beginning of Shasta Live Sound.  Initially I mostly worked with local groups at smaller bar gigs.  I got experience on larger format gear by working  as an assistant engineer at big regional  events like Reggae on the River, EarthDance, and Gaia Fest.

I have had the opportunity to work with just about all the local bands and many regional touring groups as well.  Through word of mouth and good reputation we have been able to steadily increase our production capability and can now support  the bigger local outdoor events.   Festivals with multiple acts are my favorite and I will often work as a system tech and share mixing duties with guest engineers.

Community support is a big part of Shasta Live Sound and I love helping to make big music events possible and “bringin’ it to the people”.  Besides, what kid didn’t want a huge stereo to play with?