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Burning Man Couture meets mountain serenity at the stately McCloud Guest House for the Mauro-Barr wedding.  This was an amazingly artistic gathering with extravagant decorations and highly stylized clothing in evidence.  The SF Bay area contingent made the 5 hour trip up to the mountains bringing with them two bay area bands and a lot of jello shots.

Music ranged from Ipod playback, to acoustic duet’s, to driving rock from Doom Patrol.  Festivities continued well into the evening with the youthful crowd dancing to the “Island Rhythm Rock” of the band Sage and their electric ukuleles.  The interplay of the sound, the dancers, and the stage lighting on the hanging umbrellas was kept the party going until the cops finally threatened to shut it down.

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Shasta Live Sound



Doom Patrol

Kevin Andras Duo




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