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The annual Art on the Block street fair expanded this year drawing a larger crowd than ever.  The Musician’s Swap and craft booths filled up the downtown Mt. Shasta Streets.  Local musicians took their chances performing with new players in the Roulette Jam.  Singers, guitarists, bass players, drummers, and everyone else put their name in a hat and are randomly paired up for a song or two.  This resulted in some amazing convergences and also some epic fails!  Lots of fun in any case.

The main event capped off the evening with music and dancing in the street to the SF Bay area band Sage.  Their rocking Ukulele leads were amazing to hear and a pleasant surprise to most of the patrons who thought Ukulele music meant Don Ho.


Siskiyou Arts Council





mixing by the light of the moon


+ Local Bands


Sound and Lights






Sage kept the street dancing well past bed time

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