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Apple Jam Music Festival’s 7th annual blowout was better than ever this year.  The barn property by the Provolt Store was the venue again only with a new layout.  The main stage was is front of the barn with a bar area and more defined “green room” area.  It worked really well and the barn made a nice backdrop for the huge stage.

Threatening rain did little to deter the enthusiastic patrons.  We seemed to literally be in the eye of the storm with rain clouds all over the region except for our little patch of sun.  Must be something to the smoke offerings everyone seem to be making.

 It is always a crazy party and this years lineup  attracted the same rowdy crowd that was here last year.  Shasta Live Sound teamed up with Grassroots Sound  from Ashland, OR to fill the air with good vibrations and the low down thump that so pleases the masses.  

If you haven’t come to this cool local festival, get yourself down here next time!





Polyrhythmics–Shaky Feelin’–GEMS–World’s Finest–Excellent Gentlemen–Rainbow Girls–100 Watt Mind–Device Grips–The Hill Dogs–Frankie Hernandez & The Old Soul Parade–Jive Coulis–St. Cinder–Blue Lotus–Water Tower–Givers & Takers–RasCricket & The Cultivators–The Blue Light


Grassroots Sound / ShastaLiveSound



I requested only female audience members be allowed while I was mixing B-stage.

Captain Kirk


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