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Pranafest is an open-heart gathering of prayer and celebration, offering kirtan, yoga, workshops, sacred ceremonies, healing, and deep communal connection. An international field of presenters and performers came together this year for four days of devotional music, ecstatic dance, Kirtronica, and yoga instruction.

ShastaLiveSound ran the Yoga Dome venue this year and we stayed mostly dry during the deluge of rain that continued for three days.  We had it much better off than the main stage which had to be shut down after the first day.  Everything got moved around and we ended up with far higher crowds in the Yoga Dome than expected.  Not to worry though, people came together in conscious harmony and ensured the whole event was a success.


Pranafest.org, Jackson Wellsprings


Four days of Kirtan and devotional music.



Dome Stage:  ShastaLiveSound


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