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The Cunningham wedding was a tasteful affair in a remote mountain setting.  Guests arrived for an entire weekend of ceremony and celebration culminating in the wedding and raucous reception party.  The Groove Perpetrators provided lively dancing music and the guests were pretty animated due to the open bar.

These families and their one hundred or so friends are free spirited and artistic and so it is no surprise there were a lot of impromptu performances on the main stage.  What was surprising was how darn good they were.  Everything from a Father/Son guitar duet to a virtuoso cello performance to a gal that came and sang one with the band that brought everyone out to the dance floor.

Festivities went way past bed time with some pretty loud rock music so it was good they picked a spot so far out in the woods.  The whole resort is on generator power which would not be adequate for the sound and light gear we brought up.  So ShastaLiveSound provided supplemental generator power to keep the party rocking after dark.


Paula Reynolds



John Cunningham



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