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Mt. Shasta’s first EarthDance Festival featured music from 10:00AM till just about midnight on a warm fall day.  Six regional and national  touring acts were highlighted.  Local artists Rick Garrett, Double Chief, and the Sundown Poachers kicked things off to an enthusiastic crowd.  The momentum kept building as the sun beat down.  Later in the afternoon Human Revolution rocked the casbah with high energy 30 minute jams and a songs with strong environmental messages.  Jerry Hannon closed the show with his soulful and humorous playlist.

This was one of the most ambitious production efforts Mt. Shasta has seen and was the brainchild of Andy Fusso and Styles Larson.  It was the second show at the new outdoor venue being developed behind Shasta Base Camp.  EarthDance is an international music and peace event held on the same day around the world.  AT 4:30 PM Pacific Time a  prayer for peace was offered which was synchronized with simultaneous prayers at other EarthDance’s across the globe.



Andy Fusso  / Styles Larson


Jerry Hannan

Human Revolution with Jeff Pevar

Maesyn and Marya Stark

Zahira Soul

Ronnie Ray Padilla

Sundown Poachers

Double Chief

Michael Olsen / Shambala Songstar / Ashaya

Rick Garrett





 Human Revolution with Maesyn


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