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This is the second annual concert  series sponsored by the Mt. Shasta Mtn. Bike Association as a community celebration and to bring awareness to the many new mountain bike trails that have been constructed.bike shasta logo_circle

The free Sunday evening concert brought out about 3-400 people spread out over a huge grassy field.  This is one of the few concert venues where you can bring your own picnic food and libations, yeah!  Limited shade and 100 degree weather pushed many listeners back 200-600 feet from the stage to get into the shade of the huge oak trees at the back of the park.  Amazingly good sound all the way to the back as everyone found their favorite spot.

Thanks to the promoters for bringing this new live music experience to our town!


Mt. Shasta Mountain Bike Assoc.

John Friesen

Mt. Shasta Parks and Recreation



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