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Shasta Yoga Institute put on the first annual Shasta Yoga Fest to a dedicated group of participants.  Mt. Shasta attracts a lot of spiritually minded individuals so its a natural location for a festival like this.

Nationally known kirtan performers graced the stage for this multi-day event.  Shasta Live Sound teamed up with Blue Skies Unlimited to bring audio, lighting, and recording production.


Shasta Yoga Institute / Shalomar  ProductionsDonna De Lory


Durga Das, Donna De Lory, Mike Cohen, Kathy Zavada, Scott Huckabay, Anton Miserack,  Eostar & Mathias, Beloved, Shakti Rising, Jennifer Arneson, Yvette Om, + many more.


Blue Skies Unlimited/ ShastaLiveSound


Blue Skies Unlimited

Anton-Laura yogafest2-600x282 Shakti-Rising Shasta-Yoga-Fest-LogoShasta YogaFest-1Mike Cohen

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