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Jimmy Limo and friends organized a free outdoor music festival May 18 to benefit the new Parker Plaza park construction.  The main stage featured a variety of local bands while the second stage showcased solo and duo acoustic acts.  This was a new event for the Bel Air Park  venue.  Light rain off and on during the day cooled the temperature and limited the turnout but did not dampen the spirits of the crowd in attendance.  It was interesting watching the patrons see-saw back and forth between the two stages as one picked up volume as the other dropped off.  Thanks to the many talented artists that helped make this happen.


WeedFest Poster


Sundown Poachers

Sound Advice

Champion Club

Blue Relish

No Boyz Allowed

Holy Smoke

3 on a Match

Soda Creek

Allison & Victor

Tom Scott & Leslie Tift

Jimmy Limo

“Queen of Harps” Patricia Hill

Manuel Mora Trio




Jimmy Limo


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