Services / Shasta Professional Sound Service

Pro sound services for events from multi-day festivals featuring regional touring acts to acoustic local bar gigs.  Shasta Live Sound has a flexible and scaleable  sound system that is potent enough to deliver rock concert levels in outdoor venues or be slimmed down for  inconspicuous public address at weddings or corporate meetings.

ShastaLiveSound will treat your event, no matter how large or small, with complete attention to detail and deliver a quality product with a friendly smile.  We are in it for the love and enjoyment of the local arts so our rates are competitive.


Pro Sound for Music Festivals and Concerts

Shasta Live Sound’s JBL SRX700 system has the meat to deliver articulate high volume sound in an outdoor venue for crowds up to 1,000 or more.    We have the equipment and experience to handle multiple acts and quick set changes.  For night shows we can provide basic  stage lighting for a 20×20 stage.   We have  power distribution equipment to supply both our system and the stage.  A lot of work goes into these larger productions but it is so worth it to “bring it” to big crowds.

Pro Sound for Benefits / Community Center Shows

Having a  fundraisers or benefit show at a local community center in the Shasta area?  Great music and a professional sound can make it a really fun event.  These local halls typically have challenging acoustics and  call for a mid sized system with tight pattern control  for great sound and high  intelligibility.  We have just the ticket with our QSC / JBL deployment.  The talent needs a great monitor mix to give an inspired performance and our Mackie SRM450 monitors are tuned to give a flat response at high levels without feedback.

 Pro Sound for Weddings

Want an unobtrusive pro sound system for your ceremony and a rocking sound for your reception?  Shasta Live Sound’s high output small footprint  powered speakers   you get a  full featured system that is easy to decorate and minimally intrusive.   We have a remote, wireless mixing capability that allows us to eliminate the typical mixing tent in the middle of the venue.   The focus stays  on you and the beauty of the space you have created.   We can also run the whole system off a whisper quiet generator if you are planning your wedding in a remote location.

Pro Sound for Spoken Word / Public Address

For corporate functions, commencement ceremonies, or other public address events , ShastaLiveSound has a modern professional looking pro sound system that sounds great and gets the message to your listeners.  For press events we can provide up to 12 split feeds for broadcast and recording.

Pro Sound for DJ / Dance Partys

Can’t get enough SUB for your DJ gig?  Shasta Live Sound has 8 x JBL SRX718 subwoofers that are guaranteed to deliver the low end and  keep the party rocking.  We can tune these to extend down to 30Hz so your big 808 hits and dubstep wobble bass will have full impact. See what a difference true professional sound service can make. Not responsible for broken windows or other structural damage!

Walk On Pro Audio Engineering / Live Audio Technician

Need a front of house or monitor engineer to mix your band?  Contact us for mixing services or A2 help with your gig.  For monitor world we can provide a 24 channel iso split and a monitor desk with up to 32 inputs.

Live Music Recording

ShastaLiveSound can provide live performance recording with up to 32 channels recorded directly to hard disk at 48kHz sample rates.  We can do the tracking for you and provide high quality files you can import into Protools, Logic, or any other software you like for post production mixing and mastering.

Stage Lighting

We have incandescent, high output stage lighting with gels of your choice suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  We also have a high output hazer and LED lighting and lasers capable of producing a modest “light show”.  The light rig is more than enough for most wedding, DJ, or club sound events and will provide great mood lighting and high energy movement for dancing.

Power Distribution

Need power distribution for bigger events?  We have  150′ of 6/4 feeder with Hubbel and L14-50 240 volt adapters.  GFI and Non GFI breaker boxes are available with up to 100 amp service at 120v.  We also have adapters and heavy wire for 30 amp generator service up to 100′ away.